Tea Packaging

Application Challenges

Tea whether it is loose leaf, tea bags, fruit infusions or speciality blends, each and every variety requires careful packaging to ensure that its unique flavours and aromas are preserved.  The challenge is matching each individual requirement with the right packaging to protect the product while providing optimum packaging performance.

Why Use NatureFlex™ for Tea Packaging? 

  • Inherent anti-static properties assist optimum machinability 
  • Barriers to essential oils, aromatic oils and mineral oils
  • Easy opening
  • Excellent dead fold
  • High moisture barrier options, keeps tea in premium condition
  • Superb aroma barrier supresses the release of fragrant tea odours
  • Enhanced printability in conjunction controlled slip properties
  • Metallised film grades adds sparkle and UV protection
  • Excellent gloss and transparency enhances shelf appeal
  • Ideal for convertor lamination to other biopolymer films
  • Range of hermetic sealing films
  • Wide heat seal range
  • Brand differentiation through aligning packaging with product ethos
  • Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable

Technical Information

                Comparison Data for Tea Box Overwrap
Co-Extruded BOPP 25 Micron WVTR (Test Basis 38°C90% RH) 7.3
  OTR  (Test Basis 23° C0% RH) 2500
NatureFlex™ 23 NVR WVTR (Test Basis 38°C90% RH) 120
  OTR    (Test Basis 23° C0% RH) 1

Pack Options

 • Overwrap Tea cartons     • Flow wrap of Tea bags      • Loose Tea Packaging     
• Tea Bag Sachets     • Inner bags    • Pouch or bag laminate structures


CONTACT us to learn what grades are the most suitable for your application or read our Twinings Case Study and flyer.



NatureFlex™ compostable and renewable films can be laminated to other biopolymers for use in pouch or bag structures.