Cellulose Film Attributes

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The fundamental requirement for today’s flexible packaging films is to ensure that the contents of the packs are kept in premium condition for the maximum period possible. Other critical success factors include product protection, the ease of use and packaging machine efficiency.
Innovia Films’ range of Cellophane™ and NatureFlex™ products can achieve these goals.
Both our Cellophane™ and NatureFlex™ films share some inherent properties such as:
  • dead-fold
  • anti-static
  • heat resistance
  • grease and chemical resistance
  • made from renewable resources
Within each family, Innovia Films has developed grades that offer maximum flexibility in terms of heat seal, barrier and aesthetics.
The NatureFlex™ family of films not only offers the technical performance for today’s packaging requirements but also the environmental benefits of being suitable for industrial and home composting as well as being waste water degradable.

NatureFlex™ films have been tested and proven to provide an effective barrier against mineral oil residues.
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