What are Cellophane™ films?
A range of flexible films which are produced from wood pulp, sourced from managed tree plantations.
What are the main applications of Cellophane™?
Cellophane™ films are used in a wide variety of packaging applications, including:
  • Confectionery, especially twist wrap
  • Board lamination
  • Yeast
  • Soft Cheese
  • Tampon wrap
  • Variety of industrial applications, such as a base for self-adhesive tapes, a semi-permeable membrane in certain types of batteries and as a release agent in the manufacture of fibreglass and rubber products.
The higher moisture barrier of Cellophane™ XS will allow it to be used in applications such as biscuits, bakery and snacks.
What is the structure of Cellophane™ Films?
What is the difference between Cellophane™ and NatureFlex™?
These two product families are manufactured using the same casting processes. It is the variations between the base film components and coatings that differentiate the two product lines.
Are Cellophane™ films suitable for printing or lamination?
Yes. Cellophane™ films are suitable for a wide range of conversion techniques. Please consult our Technical Department for more details.
Is Cellophane™ a plastic?
Many people mistake Cellophane™ for plastic. The truth is the two materials are of completely different composition. Plastic is a synthetic or semi-synthetic polymer. In contrast, Cellophane™ is made from regenerated cellulose, obtained from wood. The only thing that Cellophane™ and plastic have in common is that both materials are predominately manufactured as transparent film.
What thicknesses of Cellophane™ can Innovia Films provide?
Innovia Films offers a choice of thicknesses ranging from 19 to 42 microns.
For more information about the grades available, please refer to the A100 ‘Cellophane Films Product Range for Packaging’ summary document.
What widths can Innovia Films provide?
Innovia Films can slit films to a variety of sizes, from as narrow as 30mm to 1500mm.
Please contact your sales representative to discuss whether the widths you require are available in your chosen grade. Sheets of film are also available upon request
What are your minimum order quantities?
For Cellophane™ films, the minimum order quantity is 250kgs to the nearest full pallet.
However, we do offer smaller quantities upon request for trialling purposes. Please contact your Sales Representative to discuss.
How can I select the best product for my application?
Matching the correct packaging film for your application is essential.
The ‘markets we supply’ and the ‘Product’ sections of the website are designed to guide you. However, should you require further assistance, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department in order to discuss your requirements.
Do Cellophane™ films meet the requirements for food packaging?
Yes, the Cellophane™ films produced for food packaging meet all the criteria set down in EC and other directives.
Is Cellophane™ compostable?
Cellophane™ film is not a plastic and is naturally biodegradable. However, the coatings that provide the all important barrier and sealing properties prevent Cellophane™ from being truly compostable.
Can Cellophane™ be recycled?
Uncoated Cellophane™ can be composted. Composting is officially recognised as organic-recycling under EU legislation, most people take recycling to mean thermal-recycling. As Cellophane™ is not a thermoplastic material, it is not recommended for such techniques.
Can Cellophane™ be incinerated?
Yes, with energy recovery. Cellophane™ burns easily and will provide a similar calorific value to that of wood.
Can Cellophane™ be recycled with paper or board?
Cellophane™ films have been successfully recycled with carton-board. However they are not currently recommended for mechanical recycling with paper. The key difference is the ratio of film to paper/board.
What is the future for Cellophane™?
Although many of the high volume packaging markets for Cellophane™ films transferred to plastic films, Cellophane™ a strong future. Several factors largely contribute towards this:
·         Cellophane™ is now a speciality product, therefore its longstanding response to
           market demands for tailored films has put the product in a strong position.
·         Cellophane™ is well equipped to serve world markets.
·         Cellophane™ has unique inherent properties that many other film types are unable to
          emulate. It is particularly favoured for high speed twist applications such as fresh high 
          fat cheese and live yeast.