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Rayoart™ WGS PVC free film for Graphic Art applications.

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Innovia is pleased to introduce its latest high speed Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film - Propafilm™ REF.

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  • Filmic solutions remove the need for expensive transit cartons, reducing packaging weight.
  • High visibility of the unit packs ensured.
  • Removal of the collation film without damaging the inner packs.
  • Coated films do not seal to coextruded films, making them ideally suited to bundle or transit formats.
  • Uncoated films also available, with low heat seal thresholds to avoid sealing to inner packs.
  • Shrink tightening options for improved pack appearance, tighter packs.
  • Snap wrap solutions to allow the easy removal of unit wraps.

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