Two Side Coated for Rigid / Semi Squeeze Containers

2-side coated films are designed to improve adhesive key for repositionable, removable and reclosure applications and offer wider adhesive chemistry compatibility vs corona treated surfaces. The print requirements and performance are the same as our 1-side coated films but the addition of a reverse side coating gives wider adhesive compatibility and higher adhesive key. It enables a pressure sensitive label to be removed from a substrate without suffering from adhesive transfer.


  • Our 2-side coated films retain all the print and physical properties of out 1-side coated films and in addition:
  • Suitable for repositionable, removable and reclosure applications
  • Wide adhesive compatibility including aggressive solvent-based systems.

Key Attributes

Surface top coated for narrow web printability

Reverse side coating for enhanced adhesive key

The FA coated products offer broad EU and FDA food compliance


Home and Personal Care, 




Repositionable labels

Removable labels

Peel and reveal applications

Reclose labels 

Data Sheets

RayofaceTM ACPA

RayofaceTM AWPA

UltraFoil ACFA

UltraFoil AWFA