Shrink Tightening Films

Our glossy high clarity films ensure that your packs have a strong visual impact. Our unique shrink tightening films also enable tight wraps for that enhanced shelf appeal.


  • Unique shrink tightening films to achieve tight packaging.
  • Glossy, high clarity films allow your packs to maximise their shelf appeal.
  • Excellent moisture barrier, preventing moisture ingress and extending shelf life.
  • Differential slip aids machine performance: minimised filmic movement against the pack and smooth movement against machinery parts.
  • Proven high speed machine performance on a variety of packaging machines.
  • Specific film satisfies the requirements for vending applications, for those packs that are sold in vending machines.
  • Coated option ideally suited to bundle or transit collation applications. They allow for the easy removal of the outer wrap without damaging the inner one.

Key Attributes

  • Unique shrink tightening
  • Wide sealing range
  • Ideally suited for box wrapping


  • Biscuits & Bakery
  • Computer Games and DVDs
  • Confectionery
  • Home and Personal Care
  • Tea


  • Box overwrap
  • Printing

Data Sheets

  • OLP
  • OLS
  • OVS
  • SRC