Sarah Lightfoot


Sarah Lightfoot joined Innovia Films as an Advanced Apprentice in the OPP Process Technology department.  Here she tells us about a day in her working life as part of National Apprenticeship Week. 


"In this team we do a variety of jobs, such as completing trials on the plant, making troubleshooting guides and helping with any defects or problems within the process.  

My main role is to work on Water Treatment; I take care of the cooling towers on plant by dosing them with chemicals and doing laboratory tests, to check we have the right balance of each chemical in the water supply.  I enjoy my job as everyday I learn something new and also get to take part in a range of roles within the company.  Part of my Apprenticeship is to go to Lakes College every Monday where I am studying Chemistry.

My normal day at college starts at 9am with a lesson in organic chemistry.  Throughout the day we complete numerous lessons on inorganic and physical chemistry and analysis of data.  Our last session is an experiment, which I always enjoy the most as I get to see the theory we have previously learnt being put into practise.  I chose to go into science as I have always found it an interesting subject in which I can challenge old ideas and come up with new thoughts on processes and technology.  This is why my position at Innovia Films is brilliant as I get to develop new practical skills but also get to look into new ideas/technology for the company.  

My Apprenticeship means that I am already working in an industry I really enjoy, gaining practical on-the-job experience and am learning at the same time by being able to go to college."