Our Process


Innovia Films manufactures differentiated, speciality Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films. To these base films we are able to add highly specialised, innovative surface coatings and metallised finishes according to our customers’ order requirements. 

We specialise in:

  • unique process technology - much of which is developed, designed and built in-house and it is one of the elements which helps us to maintain our leading position in key markets.
  • understanding polymer properties.  Our ability to combine this knowledge with our manufacturing processes enables us to supply a range of films with exceptional attributes.  It is this combination that allows us to consistently strive for and achieve “step-out” developments.
  • innovative surface coating.  This underpins many of the features and performance characteristics of the Innovia Films’ product range, whether we are manufacturing films for print receptivity, heat sealability, high speed wrapping, balanced shrink, tailored permeability, high barrier or gloss.

Innovia Films produces biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film using a unique 'bubble' process. Polypropylene film can also be produced using the stenter (or tenter) method. There are distinct differences in the processes and the finished product.

Features of BOPP Film

• It has a high tensile strength that facilitates high-speed conversion
• It has a high gloss and clarity
• It has good puncture and flex-crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures
• It is a good barrier to water vapour
• It is resistant to oils and greases
• It is not affected by moisture and does not wrinkle or shrink with environmental changes