This market has some unique filmic requirements, investigate our solutions to see what we can offer.

Rayoface™ label facestock film allows innovative graphic design and premium ink adhesion.

We are recognised as the industry market leaders for tobacco overwrap packaging.

These products demand high barrier films to protect their quality, flavour and the brand's reputation.

Variety is the name of the game. Many shapes, flavours and combinations in an array of pack types.

High quality products deserve superior clarity and exceptional gloss to enhance their appeal.

Glossy, highly transparent, puncture resistant, fast filmic overwrap maximises on-shelf presence.

Looking for films with enhanced UV stability for permanent and removable applications?

Tough products require durable solutions. Check out our range of market leading proven products.

Optimise product protection and on-shelf appeal with our glossy films.

Market leading strong heavy duty label facestock films that survive challenging conditions.

Pressure sensitive, in-mould, peel and reseal, booklet, digitally printable and food contact compliant!

Looking for speciality food contact compliant films? We've got it all wrapped up!

Our films ensure premium appearance and brand enhancement throughout the supply chain.

Wrap Rage Solution

Alasdair McEwen, Innovia Films’ Global Product Manager - Speciality Packaging Films stated: “Brand owners are waking up to the fact that easy-open is increasingly becoming a major purchase consideration for consumers, especially those with reduced dexterity.  We have listened to consumers who often complain about the difficulty of getting into conventional packaging.  Our easy-to-open packaging range makes their life that little bit easier.  Rest assured, these films continue to protect the products they wrap while providing an enhanced product experience.”

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Wrap Rage Solution