Biscuits & Bakery

Wrapping and protecting these products to maintain their required shelf life remains a priority for all producers. Protection from moisture ingress to maintain crispness, from oxygen to prevent flavour changes, or migratory chemical contamination is mandatory. Our Propafilm™ high barrier films satisfy these demands while ensuring maximum efficiencies are achieved, and still look good.


  • Moisture Barrier.
  • Oxygen Barrier.
  • Aroma Protection.
  • Excellent seal integrity.
  • Mineral Oil Barrier.
  • Wide Sealing Films.
  • Excellent Optical properties.
  • Printability.
  • Anti-Mist Films.
  • Range of Thickness, Clear and White films.

BOPP Films for Biscuits

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BOPP Films for Cakes

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BOPP Films for Crackers and Crispbreads

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