Home & Personal Care

Home & Personal Care

BOPP Pressure Sensitive facestock films for Home & Personal Care

Our Rayoface™ range of facestock films is ideal for rigid, semi-squeeze and full-squeeze containers where extended exposure to humid environments is the norm.

They remain in perfect condition throughout the life of the product.  Promoting the products on-shelf appeal, through to withstanding regular repeated squeezing in the case of shampoos, conditioner or body lotions, without cracking. 

High clarity transparent facestock label films when used in these applications provide the popular ‘no-label look’ which makes the design and messaging blend with the surface of the container. 

Innovia’s brilliant  white, high opacity glossy label facestock films ensures no see through, while our high lustre metallic films facilitates enhanced designs and stand-out graphics.

Our down gauged thinner squeezable facestock label films can offer environmental and material savings for this market.  The printer gets more square meters per reel, which means more printed labels per reel and increased up-time on press.  This in turn means less reels, less storage space required, less packaging and handling, saving time and money.

Rayoface™ squeezable films offer printability, depending on the grade, they can be printed using flexography, gravure, offset, silkscreen and hot and cold foiling processes.


Exceptional squeeze performance
High clarity ‘no-label look’
Brilliant white films
Metallic effect films
Proven market performance
Broadest market compliance
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Squeezable Labels

Squeezable containers bring their own unique labelling challenges. Labelling solutions must be conformable and robust enough to survive in wet and hot environments whilst having superior print performance. Find the right solution for your application.

Squeezable Flyer
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Clear, No Label Look

The trend for the ‘no label’- look is one that requires crystal clear clarity to allow consumers to see your product. Our range of BOPP films have market leading clarity allowing your product to shine through.

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Print Effects

Consumers are attracted to stand out designs on the shelf. Be confident your brand is receiving the attention it deserves with our range of films designed to give maximum shelf appeal.